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Ĝax łuksažpa Tornăešže nalos!

Welcome to the Tornaysan page!

Tornaysan ("home-language" or "heart-language") is the personal constructed language of Sylvan B. Corrigan, and a language spoken in the fictional archipelago of the Torǧavčyan. Its design is intended to balance both of these purposes, immitating the features of a natural language while also trading off naturalistic irregularity for a more artificial, but also easily memorable and usable, grammar.

The Torǧavčyan ("home islands") are the temperate north stretch of a world-archipelago known to Tornaysan speakers as the Gavnaynan ("island-entirety"), which stretches from Arinaq in the north to Tengaranau in the south. The Torǧavčyan have undergone multiple waves of immigration and invasion, and thus Torish culture is a mix of influences: the Sarish alchemist-monasteries and their ancient empirical tradition, Sradic folk religion and ritual, Yentish courtly fashions and literature, and in recent years, the wide-reaching influence of Imperial Dajīath. Tornaysan is recorded here as it is spoken during the Dajīathi Occupation.

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