Tornaysos Scripts

In progress.

The Tornaysos abugida is descended from the Old Kalavic runes, devised by the sorcerers of outer Kalavet, originally as a memory aid when composing long proposals. Once the dominant script in the islands, it was replaced by the Yentish form of the Jisathi alphabet with the rise of the Yentish Empire.

Evolution of the Tornaysos script on the nonce word patekilo.
1. Old Kalavic runes, etched into bone, shell, leather, or ice.
2. The transition to charcoal on wooden omens encouages more curved letterforms.
3. Early Stewardship hand, devised for the writing of formal alchemic and legal documents with a quill pen and ink on parchment.
4. Tornaysos bookhand, denser and more cursive than its predecessor.

Modern Torgavish speakers have revived the old script and modified it to handle not only loanwords, but extended passages of Yentish text.