Practical Tornaysos

Asčemtapos I: Nokos tohos pažin?

Lesson 1: What is eir name?

Scene: You and another conlanger are at a party. You want to be introduced to someone.

Nokos tohos pažin?

What is eir name? What is e called?

You can be more specific with the prefixes je-, do-, and pa-. While English has a two-way distinction of "this" and "that", Tornaysan has a three-way distinction: this by me (je-), that by you (do-), and that by neither of us (pa-).

Jenokos tohos pažin?

What is this (by me) person called?

"Who is this I'm talking to?"

Donokos tohos pažin?

What is that (by you) person called?

"Who is that you're with?" / "Who's your friend?"

Use tornayš šyar 'in Tornaysos' or ǵentonayš šyar 'in English' to ask for someone's name in one language or the other. (NB: The word ǵentos is the Tornaysos for 'shortsword' or 'seax'; ǵentonaysos is therefore 'Saxon language'.)

Nokos tohos tornayš šyar pažin?

What is e called in Tornaysos?

"What is eir Tornaysos name?"